Friday, December 13, 2013

Cin Cin!

We always love to hear from our customers and appreciate their updates and response to our products. Special treasures tend to carry an energy about them and we sometimes get attached while we are working on transitioning them to new owners. We received a very lovely note from John and family in Boston regarding a mid century Martini pitcher they recently provided a home for. According to John their trusty pitcher of 56 years “did the tango with a a bottle of Vermouth” on Thanksgiving day. Their pitcher was very special to them and obviously held some fond memories along with batches of delicious Martini's. The pitcher that they were replacing was purchased in Italy 56 years ago on a business trip. The damage was repaired but as not to take any more chances the pitcher has been relocated into a china cabinet that was a wedding gift to John's parents in 1919. What a wonderful resting place after all those years of faithful duty!

The Retired Pitcher

Their new pitcher has just arrived and is ready to serve. It is a very sleek pitcher with a silver band and has lots of character. We are very pleased that the replaced pitcher is safe and sound. We are excited that our pitcher will be used and loved. It is spectacular to hear the stories that surround the items we offer to our customers. Thank you John and family for sharing the story! Your business is appreciated and your sharing is treasured! Cin Cin!

The Replacement

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Book Sale

Book & Record

Dec. 12th-15th 2013

Books - Fiction, Misc. Nonfiction titles, Softcover and Hardcover,
Specially marked books for the sale priced:
Hardcovers $2.00 and Paperbacks $1.00.

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