Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kindness of Strangers

Hello to all!!  Something wonderful happened to me today and I thought you might enjoy reading about it.  I was out running some errands and I was kind of in a hurry.  I went through the checkout line, paid for my purchases and gathered all my bags.  I proceeded out the door and then realized that the cashier had forgotten my soda.  I went back in and she realized that she had forgotten to ring it up.  I told her that it was alright and I would just get back in line and pay for it.  Looking up I noticed that the line had grown and she was the only register that was open.  Just as I started walking towards the back of the line I heard a voice say "Just give it to me."  I look up and it was a lady who had been behind me in line.  She said that she would pay for it.  I told her thanks and I reached into my purse for my wallet so I could pay her and she said  "No, consider it a gift from me to you."  She said there was no need for me to go all the way back in line for one thing.  I tried to pay her again but she wouldn't take it.  I thanked her again and told her that I had done the same thing for someone else not that long ago.  She then said "See it all comes back around".  I was really touched.  I'm glad to see that even in these trying times there are still nice people out there.  I've always believed in the motto "What goes around - Comes around."  It's true - Life is too short to be wearing a frown all the time.    Besides, did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  It's a fact!!  So, put on a happy face and be kind to others because it'll come back to you when you least expect it.  As for the lady who did that act of kindness, I don't know your name but keep it up and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!  :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a great day!!

                                                        WHAT A GREAT DAY!!                                                                 Hello to everyone!!  The pictures above are of  the BIG Yard Sale - Book Sale day.  So much FUN!!  The weather was beautiful and as you can see there were a lot of people who came out to enjoy the festivities. 
We not only had the book sale going on inside the antique mall but we also had a tent set up outside with the other vendors as part of the yard sale.  Our tent is the one pictured above with the balloons attached to it.  There was live music and it brought out the dancing bug in some people.  Gotta love it!!  In the end, it turned out to be a wonderful day.  We talked with a lot of people, some of which were familiar faces and the others were of some new friends we made.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of the customers we had and to all of those people who helped us with the Book Sale.  Each and every one of you hold a special place in our hearts.  The book sale was a BIG success and there was a lot of talk of how well it was received.  We are so glad!!  So, with that in mind, get ready book lovers because we will be doing this again.  Stay tuned. . . we will keep you posted as to when the next one will be.  It won't be long.  I promise.  C-ya soon!!:)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Big Day Tomorrow!

 Big Day Tomorrow! 
Book Sale and a Yard Sale
on Saturday April 14th 2012

Sorry, got no photos....but by the end of tomorrow we should have plenty. We have rented a space to liquidate and will be visiting with our book sale customers throughout the yardsale. So if you need some of our gently used housewares or a cheap read we have the supply to fill your demand. Stop on by and visit our tables at the community yard sale before heading into the book sale. While inside don't forget to check out our booths #53 and #55. We will be very easy to spot and looking forward to meeting some friendly faces.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day Four - Thursday:

Hello everyone!!  Hope all is well.  We are back with some very important information.  Starting tomorrow the prices will start dropping.  Everything will be priced at $1.00 and under for the next 2 days  (Friday and Saturday).  Then there will be another AMAZING price drop for the final day of the sale on Sunday.  So, grab your shopping bags and get ready to fill them up.  So many EXCELLENT DEALS you won't be able to pass this one up.  Tell all your family and all your friends  to come and check us out as well.  Thank you for your business and we hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day Three - Wednesday

And the beat goes on. . . The book sale is moving right along.  We are excited to be providing books to all those who love to read as much as we do. We are putting in new titles on a regular basis to help keep the tables full. Thank you so much for your support and business.  C-ya soon!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

 Day One - Monday

Green light - GO!!  All signs point to the book sale.  Thanks to all of those who came out and started us off with a BANG!!  We are super excited.  There are some really GREAT books at some really GREAT prices.  All priced at $2.00 and below.  As the week goes along we will be marking them down even more.  So many EXCELLENT DEALS  it'll leave your head spinning.  So, come on and check us out.  Then help us out by spreading the word.  Like Dorothy following the yellow brick road to the Wizard of Oz. . . . Just look for our  bright red signs and follow them to our book sale.  You won't regret it.  C-ya there!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Preview to the Book Sale

Hello to all!!  The pictures you see before you are of us setting up for our first ever Book Sale!!  It was a lot of work but we are very excited.  The sale starts tomorrow, Monday - April 9th and ends Sunday - April 15th.  The sale will be held at Golden Antiques and Treasures in Summerfield, N.C.  There will be 3,000+ titles and some FANTASTIC prices!!  Everything will be priced at $2.00 and under.  Also,  the prices will be lowered as the week goes along.  So, if you love books or know someone who does then this is the place to be!!  I guarantee there is something here for everyone.  So, come one and come all and experience the beginnings of what will be one of the BEST book sales around!!:)